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Bruce Honig is the founder of Honig IdeaGuides. Bruce brings over 27 years in the field of Education, Training, Facilitation and Organizational Development to his clients. Bruce is an specialist in creativity and innovation. For over 29 years he studied and taught creativity and innovation at colleges and businesses.

Bruce has a B.A. in Educational Philosophy and a M.A. in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Design.

Bruce's unique understanding of the creative process led him to invent a nationally marketed board game, CREATE™: The Game that Challenges and Expands your Creativity, as well as many other games such as Just Imagine™, Sproin-n-g™ and Choices™. He also produced, wrote and directed Brainstormers™ a television game show.

For years he edited and wrote The CreativeMind, a newsletter devoted to supporting innovation in business, and wrote many journal articles on the creative act.

He is also the principal author of Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Team Work published by Crisp Publications Bruce was a board member of American Society for Training And Development and a member of the International Association of Facilitators.


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Creativity & Innovation

Book & Coaching

Be More Creative!
How to Cultivate Creativity and Innovation in Yourself and Others

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This handbook will be your tool for bringing more creative approaches to your life and your organization. It provides the concepts and simple, easy-to-use tools and exercises for cultivating creativity and innovation in you as well as for others.


You will learn how to...

Broaden your creative scope, ability and skills
Explore barriers to your creative action, and
Build a personal environment for your creativity to thrive.

The book is divided into these 4 sections that correspond to the four key methods of developing creativity and innovation. Focus on these four methods that the author calls the BETA Approach and your creativity and innovation will bloom.

B - Creative Blocks and Barriers
Keys to become aware of your key blocks and barriers. Become aware of what is blocking your success as a creative person.

E - Creative Calisthenics
Includes fun and quick exercises to practice your creativity and exercise your creative muscles. Do one a day and your creativity will soar.

T- Tools and Techniques for Generating Ideas
Includes an array of easy-to-use and learn tools for generating creative yet practical ideas. Including the 9 keys to generating ideas in groups as well as guidelines for being creative.

A - Concepts and Awareness about Creativity
You will become aware of your own creative self. You will learn what makes you tick and motivated to be creative and innovate. You will also learn key concepts and strategies to nurture and encourage one's own creativity as well as others. This includes becoming familiar with the system of creativity and innovation which include 4 basic elements:

1) The creative process

Idea Generation
Aha! (Decision Making), and
Action (Implementation)

2) The climate for creativity and innovation

3) The creator and their personality

4) The input and output (product) of innovation

Also included in the book is a blueprint for encouraging creativity in others, and the principles of creativity. Follow these principles and you will be more creative!


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We also provide Creativity Coaching, based on the concepts and tools in this book to support you in your creative process.
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