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Ensure Collaboration

Why Be Guided?

Provides Productive Meeting Process and Organization
Your team meeting will be well organized to ensure a smooth flow and the best use of time.

Coalesces the Team
The team will be on the same page, creating greater energy and interest for the project at hand.

Promotes Team Buy-in
Team members will buy-in to ideas and decisions, making them more likely to bring the ideas into action.

Maintains Interest & Enthusiasm
Participants will maintain high interest in the group work throughout the meeting.

Frees the Whole Team
The team will be free to participate, including the leader.

Gives you Neutral Meeting Leadership
The playing field of participation will be equal. Good for leaderless groups too.

Increased Quality
The solutions, ideas and decisions will be superior.

Results Benefits

Our meeting facilitators will give you...

More ideas, faster
Better decisions & solutions
Ideas into actions
A cohesive team

We Emphasize

Collaboration: Everyone works together to create ideas and make decisions

Involvement: Everyone has equal opportunity to contribute to the group

Participation: Activities are fun and engaging

Productivity: The team produces results and accomplishes goals

Creativity: The team draws from the creativity of the group

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Looking for a facilitator for your next retreat or meeting? We will guide and facilitate your executives, managers, department or project team towards generating great ideas & making the best decisions while building your team's strengths. Below are some of the key areas we facilitate...

Strategic Planning

Strategic Visioning & Planning
Establish Values/Mission/Vision

Project Management

Plan Projects
Problem Solving
Decision Making

Product & Marketing

Product Ideation & Development
Naming Ideation

Customer Service

Develop Customer Service Policy

Team and Department Communication

Develop Communication Policy


How We Work

Planning for the meeting
The meeting facilitator will interview you (and members of your team) to determine the purpose, outcomes and detailed information needed to create the ideal meeting for you and your group. We then produce a high level agenda that will be presented to you. Together we will refine the agenda. The result of this step is a meeting agenda that will fit your goals 100 percent.

Meeting Facilitation
We will facilitate your meeting while ensuring that everyone contributes and collaborates. Meetings are always highly productive and engaging.

You and your team will receive a report that contains the results and the "output" of the meeting.

Meeting Options: Making Your Meeting Sizzle!

You may want to add the following services to fulfill additional outcomes and meeting intentions...

Graphic Recording
A great way to WOW your meeting participants. We provide a graphic recorder to record the output of the session in a beautiful graphic form. Click here for an example of graphic recording.

Summarize it all in Song
Do you really want to WOW your retreatants? Put their ideas and decisions into a song they can take with them! Our in-house modern day troubadour, Scott Kalechstein, is a master at summarizing group visions into an original song. He will provide celebration, humor and heart to your retreat. He has performed at the talks and workshops of popular leaders, such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Barbara DeAngelis. Scott has nine CDs being distributed internationally. Check out his web site here.

Computer Supported Meetings for real time / same place Allows for anonymity of the meeting. Great for dealing with volatile issues, dominating personalities, and/or quiet, introverted people.

Internet Supported Meetings for real time or any time / any place
Your team members work together from different places using the Internet to exchange ideas, solve problems and create new opportunities. All they need to participate is a standard web browser.

More Information and Requesting a Proposal

Please call 415-479-2028 or click on "request for proposal"

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