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Who We Are

For over 25 years we have been specialist in team building, team collaboration and creative thinking.

We first produced Brainstormers for local television in the San Francisco Bay Area which was a great success. (Please ask for a video of one of the productions by filling out the form above).

Bruce Honig, the creator and producer of Brainstormers, has over 26 years in Organizational Development and a specialist in teams and creativity.

Bruce's unique understanding of the creative process led him to invent a nationally marketed board game, CREATE: The Game that Challenges and Expands your Creativity, as well as many other games such as Just Imagine, Sproin-n-g and Choices. He edited and wrote The CreativeMind, a newsletter devoted to supporting innovation in business, and wrote many journal articles on the creative act. Additionally, Bruce was previously the owner and operator of Camp Invention, a children's camp devoted to the creative spirit in all of us.

He is also the author of Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Team Work.


We have a great idea for you...
a fun and inspiring team building event that fits with your organization's initiative for
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Brainstormers: Brainstorming Game

A team building event
using the creativity of the team!

Perfect for...
Sales Events
Training Programs

How it works

Two or more teams of 3-7 people compete using their creative minds in an extremely fun game-show like event. Imagine Donald Trump's The Apprentice and the Family Feud rolled into one with a very high dose of creativity.

Each team works together to answer simple, mind stretching, yet often hilarious questions (question examples).

Brainstormers™ is played in 4 parts. Each round gets progressively more difficult and the rewards are greater. Teams are given challenging and provoking questions that require team creativity, and help to expand generative thinking and creative perspectives.

Prizes are generally awarded to the winning team - and, of course, the losing team gets a consolation prize. In addition to team contestants, the game involves a team of judges of your choice.

How long

1-4 hours, depending on your needs.

How many people

We can accommodate as many people as you have, from 6 to 600. All could be players in the game or there could be a combination of players and spectators.


Brainstormers' teams can be made up of already existing teams, departments, divisions (product vs services), functions, or regions (left coast sales team vs right coast). You might even have one company compete against another. There can be as many teams as you desire.


Starting at $1,500 USD


It takes IdeaGuides only one hour to set up this gameshow in a location of your choice. The questions and challenges come from the IdeaGuides database and can be tailored to your particular needs.

Customizing Questions

We will customize questions to fit your organization. The questions could be general such as the examples to the right or specific to a business need, for example, "What are ways to improve our customer service?" or "What are things we can do to improve communication" or "What are things we can do to attract more customers." The possibilities for questions are endless.


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Examples of
Brainstormers™ Questions

What ways could you improve a grocery store?

What are ways to light a candle without using a match?

What are things you can do to avoid long lines at the check out counters?

You created a new product for a toothpaste that provides you with all the minimum daily requirements for vitamins, this tooth paste is guaranteed to protect teeth from cavities and also reverses cavities.  Find a Slogan.

You are in charge of introducing a new children's cereal that makes children get straight A's in school.  What do you name this cereal?

What do a cascading waterfall and a toothpick have in common?

What would happen if all conflicts were resolved in less than 10 minutes?

Besides snapping your fingers what are some ways to get a waiters attention?

What are things you can do to avoid long lines at the check out counters?


Develop a sense of teamwork

Exercise and practice team creativity and brainstorming

Celebrate success

Demonstrate that your company values creativity

Build morale

Generate great ideas!


"This was a completely fun, energizing experience that result not only in high levels of creativity but also increased relationship building." Ashley W.

"Makes you feel alive, creative and smart." Roberta R.

"Totally engaging, educational, creative and fun!" Karen C.

"Great fun and extremely helpful for team building and idea generation." Lauri D.

"Important work for any group." JG


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