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Your facilitator, Bruce Honig, founder of IdeaGuides, is the originator of "Bruce's Do-It-Yourself Amateur Cooking School of Fun." For years Bruce has been holding these fun and scrumptious food events.

For over 27 years he has been specialist in team building, team collaboration and creative thinking.

Bruce's unique understanding of the creative process led him to invent a nationally marketed board game, CREATE: The Game that Challenges and Expands your Creativity, as well as many other games such as Just Imagine, Sproin-n-g and Choices. He edited and wrote The CreativeMind, a newsletter devoted to supporting innovation in business, and wrote many journal articles on the creative act.

He is also the author of Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Team Work.

Imagine your team making
an entire meal together!
A fun and inspiring team building event
For bringing your team together.

A team building event
using your team to create a wondrous meal!

A great way to support your team towards building morale and increasing trust by preparing a great meal, breaking bread and acting as a team outside of the normal team routine.

What's the big idea
Your team will be cooking a four to ten course cuisine together. The level of cooking skill is not important but cooking together is. Your team will cook a meal based on a particular cuisine or theme (i.e. Italian, Hungarian, Greek, Brazilian, Spanish). We use cooking both as a metaphor and as an example of how your team works together in the workplace.

The structure

Before Cooking
After an introduction the participants will be randomly put into sub-teams. The sub-teams will be in charge of cooking (or assembling) a particular dish (or two), and will be given the appropriate recipe(s) and ingredients.

Some dishes will be easy and others might be more challenging (just like work). Sub-team members will also get to negotiate cooking space, equipment, roles and timing.

The meal is served by the sub-teams in courses (one course at a time). The task is for the sub-teams to serve their dishes for everyone to enjoy at the appropriate time.

After the meal is eaten we do a debrief that will ensure that lessons learned about cooking as a team will be used in the work space.

We use commercial kitchens throughout the United States.

How long
2-6 hours, depending on your needs.

How many people
We can accommodate as many people as you have on your team, from 6 to 20 people. We can accommodate large groups too.

The focus is on teams not the cooking
We have over 27 years in building teams. Our focus is in transferring the lessons learned from the this culinary experience into the work space. This team building event is truly a team building experience. Your team will be working on a project together towards a specific goal. All the while having fun and producing something that all members will enjoy.

Dietary restrictions
Don't worry about your teams dietary restrictions. We will survey your team (you don't have to) and determine each persons dietary requirements. We will then design the menu accordingly.

Starting at $1,750 USD, plus expenses.

It is easy: we take care of the whole event including arranging for the facility, creating a custom menu, getting the food and facilitating the whole process.

Optional debrief report
We will capture the lessons learned from cooking as a team in a report that your team members will receive after the event.

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Example of
Cook'nTeams™ Menu

While Cooking: Bruchette con Cannellini e Olio Nuovo - Bruschetta with Cannellini beans and olive oil: Prociotto, Salame, Melone e Ficchi (figs)
1st course: Insalata Di Baccelli E Pecorino - Fava Bean and Pecorino Cheese Salad
2nd course: Pappa Al Pomodoro - Tomato and bread soup
3rd course: Tagliatelle al Funghi Porcini - Tagliatelle with Porcino Mushrooms
4th course: Gnudi di Ricotta e Spinaci al Tartufo - Ricotta and spinach dumplings with truffles
5th course: Risotto al Salto alla Parmigiana in Salsa di Zafferano - Parmesan Risotto Cakes with Saffron Sauce
6th course: Trota in forno con peperoni - Baked trout with capsicums
7th course: Stracotto Al Péppoli - Braised Beef with Péppoli Wine
Last course: Frittelle di Apples - Apple/Pear Fritters with Sorbetto di cocomero - Watermelon Sorbet

With an assortment of Italian wines made in the Tuscan region.


Develop a greater sense of team!

Exercise and practice team project management

Celebrate success

Build morale

Transfer lessons learned from the kitchen to the workplace

Have fun

Have great memories


"A great way to get to know one another"
A Former French Laundry Chef.

"I really enjoyed the evening"

"Such a truly wonderful time! ... all fun learning and collaborations."
Amateur Chef

"What a marvelous cooking experience & more! Thanks for your tremendous efforts and terrific job in preparation and great instruction and support to all participants with different cooking backgrounds. Without your leadership, coordination, support, and all great efforts, -such a dream-like event would not have been created!"


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