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Bruce Honig

Bruce Honig is the founder and owner of Honig IdeaGuides. Bruce brings to his clients over 28 years in the field of Training, Facilitation and Organizational Development. Focusing primarily on organizational creativity and team collaboration, he has successfully worked with hundreds of companies representing most industries.

Bruce did research in the area of creative behavior and design at Farwest Laboratories for Educational Research and Development. Using a systems approach, Bruce developed a theory and program for promoting creative action, which later became the basis for his own consulting firm.

Bruce's unique understanding of the creative process led him to invent a number of games, including a nationally marketed board game, CREATE: The Game that Challenges and Expands your Creativity. He edited and wrote The CreativeMind, a newsletter devoted to supporting innovation in business, and has authored many journal articles on creativity. Bruce was previously the owner and operator of Camp Invention, a camp devoted to fostering creativity in children. Bruce is the principal author of Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Team Work.

Bruce served asa board member of American Society for Training And Development and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

Bruce has a B.A. in Educational Philosophy and a M.A. in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Design.

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Team Games

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Brainstormers: Brainstorming GameThis is a fun and inspiring team building event that fits with your team's initiative for innovation & creativity. It is perfect for team retreats, conferences, sales Events, Kick-offs or any Meetings.

How it works

Two or more teams of 3-7 people compete using their creative minds in fun filled game-show like event. Imagine Donald Trump's The Apprentice and "Family Feud" rolled into one with a very high dose of creativity.

Each team works together to answer simple, mind stretching, yet often hilarious questions (question examples).

Brainstormers™ is played in 4 parts that last from one to three hours. Each round gets progressively more difficult while increasing the rewards. Teams are given challenging and provoking questions that require team creativity, and help to expand generative thinking and creative perspectives.

Prizes are generally awarded to the winning team - and, of course, the losing team gets a consolation prize. In addition to team contestants, the game involves a team of judges of your choice.

Customizing Questions

We will customize questions to fit your organization. The questions could be general such as the examples to the right or specific to a business need, for example, "What are ways to improve our customer service?" or "What are things we can do to improve communication" or "What are things we can do to attract more customers." The possibilities for questions are endless.

See a video example

Click here to view Brainstormers™ in action

Team Games for Creativity

A series of games, activities, and discussions designed to stimulate team creativity, fantasy, spontaneity and play.

Your team will...

Create unexpected images & metaphors
Break through blocks
Solve fun challenges
Formulate hypotheses
Determine consequences
Play with words
Design inventions
Explore the world of creativity

Activities are chosen based on the needs and desires of your team members.


For requesting information

regarding Team Games
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