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We are recognized experts in creativity. Experience matters in this field -- During our 27 years of doing this work we have finely honed our insight into both the people side and business side of effective Creativity Training and Development. This commitment to ongoing refinement has produced a lasered effectiveness in teaching people and organizations to source and initiate better solutions. Some of our clients includes: Mattel Toys, Pergo, Inc., eBay.

Founder and lead facilitator, Bruce Honig, knows what makes a person, any person, more skillfully creative. Passionate about the importance of skillful idea generation as essential to life success, he focused early (Grad School) on how to develop creativity. He is an inventor of 6 creativity games, including CREATE, featured in Neiman Marcus stores and a published author of numerous newsletters, articles and books on this subject.

Solution Speedway™
Your Source for Ideas

Find Solutions to Many of Your Problems
with your Team in a Matter of Hours!


What is Solution Speedway?
Solution Speedway™ is a fun, and extremely fast-paced evening where you get solutions to challenges and problems. This is a dramatically new type of brainstorming process allowing all participants to contribute ideas to each challenge or problem.

You'll have fun while getting great ideas for your projects or business challenge.

The structure
Each person becomes the center of a two-step process

1) Focusing.. We will focus on the problems/challenges or projecst in order to understand what type of ideas are being sought for.

2) High Speed Speedway Idea a creative frenzy we will generate lots of ideas in a structured and guided process to the challenges.

They will receive lots of great ideas to their problem, project or challenge.

At a site of your choice

How long
2-4 hours, depending on your needs.

How many people
We can accommodate as many people as you have on your team, from 6 to 25 people. We can accommodate large groups too.

Starting at $2,000 USD, plus expenses.

It is easy to arrange

Optional debrief report
We will capture the ideas in a report that your team members will receive after the event.

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Perfect for...

Sales Events

Examples of
Solution Speedway ™ Challenges

What are ways to market my product or service? How may I create a top-notch presentation?
How do I give my customer more while spending less?
How can I exploit my talents?
How can we reduce cost? What are ways to boost the morale in the office? What are some unique ways to publicize are events?


Generate ideas and solutions to real problems

Develop a greater sense of team!

Exercise and practice team project management

Celebrate success

Build morale

Have fun


"It gave me the motivation I was looking for to get started on a major project! Bruce did a great job at facilitating the group and promoting our creativity"

"I'm impressed"

'Wow! Solution Speedway got me to think outside, WAY outside, the box. It was amazing to see how many creative possibilities are inherent in every situation."



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