Project Teams That Work


This training is divided into 5 sections...


 Meeting Management

Manage your meetings and accomplish your project goals.
Includes tools to support your team to:
  • Stay on the "same" page
  • Ensure effective problem solving habits
  • Clarify roles that will enhance your productivity
  • Create conducive meeting environment

Targeting #2 
Define, prioritize, focus and analyze projects and problems.
Includes team collaboration tools for:
  • Focusing on the "true" project or problem with accurate goals
  • Prioritizing issues and deciding which projects should get attention
  • Ensuring the team is focusing on the "true" problem/project
  • Getting questions answered quickly and efficiently


    Idea Generating

    Generating creative and useful ideas, approaches and solutions
    Includes team collaboration tools for:
    • Generating ideas quickly
    • Breaking through barriers and mental blocks
    • Finding viable solutions

    Decision Making #4 
    Making the best possible decision
    Includes team collaboration tools for:
    • Sorting through lots of ideas
    • Evaluating alternative courses of action
    • Making good decisions so all team members are satisfied
    • Considering both risk and benefits in a choice




    Manage your projects and ensure that your solutions are implemented.

    Includes team collaboration tools for:
    • Analyzing what needs to be accomplished
    • Ensuring acceptance of the team's solutions to other decision makers Uncovering and preventing trouble spots and potential problems Scheduling tasks
    • Develop and use action plans
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