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Work together to plan your projects

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For over 27 years we have been leaders in facilitating highly effective and engaging planning meetings. We know how to make your meetings productive.

All of our clients leave our meetings with a renewed respect for meetings. They learn how to access the power of collective decision making and idea generation.


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Planning Projects With Your Team

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Create plans with a high degree of buy-in

Develop a Unified Approach

Make your planning engaging and collaborative!

We will facilitate your team's planning meeting:

Applied Strategic Planning
Team Planning
Organizational Planning
Product Planning
Business Planning
Event Planning

The facilitator ensures that everyone contributes and collaborates through every step of the project planning process. Meetings are always highly productive.

You can use this process to manage your complex or simple projects. We will enable your team to become very clear about the project needs and requirements, keep track of project progress, and make course corrections.

Project planning is typically divided into several phases...Defining, Planning and Implementing. You will use tools from each of these phases. Your team tasks are to define the project goals, determine and schedule each task, estimate costs, schedule carefully, allocate and organize resources, and keep records.

Working on a project team is not as difficult as it sounds. With the right tools and facilitator your team is well on its way to planning its project with a high degree of productivity and buy-in. Doing it this way will save you loads of time in the long run.

Defining the Project

Your team will collectively define the mission of the project, and establish the project objectives (expected outcomes). Then you will determine the specific tasks that are require to fulfill the objectives. Part of this is developing a work breakdown and determining, as a team, resources that are required.

Planning the Project

Responsibilities will be determined and tasks are scheduled. We will collectively create Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams. Potential problems will be examined through analysis. Lastly, we explore how to get the projects accepted by important stake holders.

Implementing the Project

In the course of a project it is important to monitor its progress, make any modification and evaluate how well the project is fulfilling the objectives.



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