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For over 27 years we have been leaders in facilitating highly effective and engaging ideation meetings. We are specialists in creative thinking and use hundreds of different proven tools and techniques to generate viable ideas.

We have developed, taught, and used thousands of creative thinking approaches. Our resume boasts several books on the creativity and idea generation, a popular newsletter on innovation in business, and many published games and tools to support creative thinking. And we know how to run an extemely productive meeting and team.


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Branding & Messaging Workshop

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Establish a collaborative & powerful
strategic direction for your message
with all your key stakeholders

Find The Message
with the Greatest Impact

blue sky and grounded!

We will guide your group to establish the appropriate strategic message for your product or service. Everyone contributes and collaborates. And we are able to extract the wisdom of the group. Meetings are always extemely productive.

Outline of a Typical Half-day or Full-day Workshop

Establish Corporate Profile: We will collectively determine the essence of your corporation or division. What makes your business unique and appealing? What does your organization do? What is your mission?

Establish Customer Profile: We will answer these questions: Who is the customer that you want to attract and what are their characteristics? How do they think? What are their needs and desires? What would get them to be interested in what you have to offer?

Establish Unified Product or Service Profile: We will, collaboratively, lead your group to determine what makes your product or service so special enabling everyone to be on the same page.

Determine Media Profile: We will establish what medium is the best vehicle for your message given the product/service and the target market.

Create a unified message: We will, collaboratively, lead your group to determine the most effective key message you desire for your product or service. Determine essentially why should anyone care about your products or services.


You and your team will receive a report that contains all of the output from the meeting.


For requesting information regarding massaging and branding
please call 415-479-2028 or click on "request for proposal"

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