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For over 27 years we have been leaders in facilitating highly effective and engaging meetings. We know how to make your meetings productive and want you to learn how we do it. We have worked with hundreds of organizations in almost every industry and in every case their meetings have improved dramatically.

All our clients leave our meetings with a renewed respect for meetings. They learn how to access the magic in collective decision making and idea generation. They learn the key elements that go into making meetings successful. They learn how to make sure that their goals are met. In short, through our work, our clients improve their meeting effectiveness over 100%.

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Leading Effective & Engaging Meetings

Workbook & Reference

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Leading Effective Meetings:
Make Your Meetings More Productive & Engaging Now!

Leading Effective and Engaging Meetings Workbook and Coaching

Buy this book and you will receive one hour of meeting leadership coaching!

This book is an excellent guide and resource will show you how to run a powerful meeting. You will learn how to make your meetings more productive and engaging. It provides detailed descriptions of meeting concepts and tools/techniques.

It is organized into 3 areas:

Concepts: All of the basic concepts for running effective meetings. It includes:keys to effective meetings, the meeting process, room-set-up, meeting roles, dealing with difficult situations, problem solving process, facilitating, 14 keys to collaborative teams and more.

Tools: Tools for running meetings. Includes templates for agendas and action planning, warm ups, idea generation processes, decision making processes, and ways to evaluate the meeting.

Recording: principles for recording ideas and meeting content.

Coaching Package

The package includes:

The workbook and reference guide, and
one-hour of on-the-phone coaching/training

With the coaching you learn more about these concepts and tools with one-on-one on the phone coaching and meeting guidance. The coaching is based on your objectives and needs. Here are some possibilities:

Foundational: We will provide instruction on the key tools in the workbook and answer any questions you might have (we recommend that you review the workbook first).

Situational: We will coach you through planning for a particular meeting; We will help you with creating an effective agenda and provide key tools for making the meeting productive and engaging.

Advanced: We will advise you as to how to make your meeting(s) more interactive and engaging.

Coaching and Downloadable Workbook $150
one hour coaching and a downloadable 66 colored pages (463kb) workbook. With future option to continue beyond one hour.
(we can start immediately)

Coaching and Coil Bound Workbook $165.00
one hour coaching and a workbook. 66 colored pages, 8.5 x 11.0 in., Coil-bound. With future option to continue beyond one hour.
(Once the book is delivered to you within 5-15 days, we can start coaching)

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