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Are you an individual who wants to improve your meeting management and facilitation skills? Not interested in on-site training? Then you may be interested in our one-on-one coaching.
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For over 27 years we have been leaders in facilitating highly effective and engaging meetings. We know how to make your meetings productive and want you to learn how we do it. We have worked with hundreds of organizations in almost every industry and in every case their meetings have improved dramatically.

All of our clients leave our meetings with a renewed respect for meetings. They learn how to access the magic in collective decision making and idea generation. They learn the key elements that go into making meetings successful. They learn how to make sure that their goals are met. In short, through our work, our clients improve their meeting effectiveness over 100%.

Our Proof
T estimonial

"Bruce taught us through the "Leading Effective Meetings" workshop, how to make our meetings more productive. By being more productive and structured in our meeting process, we found it did not take as many meetings to achieve our goals. The meetings may not have decreased, but the nature of the meetings have changed and we are achieving many more goals on our continuous improvement project lists! The "Leading Effective Meetings" method has become a standard operating procedure for our organization which we will train on a continuous basis. We look forward to a long, healthy, productive working relationship with Honig IdeaGuides."

Lori Bassett, Vice President Human Resources, Pergo, Inc.

“Wow! I am truly impressed.” – Corporate Accounting Manager

“Great Seminar – Excellent facilitator.”  - Logistics Manager

“Informative…great job!” Production Planner

“Great tools for focusing on the expected result of the meeting.” – Process Engineer

“A lot of fun and practical… I learned a lot.” –Claims Specialist

“Thank you for the valuable information!” –Project Coordinator

“Instructor has very good pace, style and presentation.  I very much enjoyed the group activities and the learning by doing approach. Is was very good and exceeded my expectations.” – Chief Statistician


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Leading Effective & Engaging Meetings

On-site Training Workshop

We show you how to have fewer meetings and
get better results.

We create great meeting leaders.

We are stuck in meetings much of our organizational life...
Let's make them great!
Make your meetings more productive & engaging now!

After attending this course your leaders' attendees will no longer feel like they are wasting their time at meetings. In fact, they may actually enjoy going to meetings (imagine!).

Participants will learn how to...

Use simple tools for creating a more directed focus in meetings.
Make their meetings more productive - get things done in half the time.
Make meetings more interesting, engaging and worthwhile for everyone.
Become liberated from the drain and drudgery of meetings.
Get meetings to start and end on time...and on a good note.
Ensure that each meeting ends with agreements for action steps.
Deal with difficult meeting situations such as domination and off track topics.
Get more buy-in from meeting participants.

Topics covered are...

Keys and tips on making meetings the best they can be.
How to set and create an effective agenda.
Selecting meeting roles that make sense.
Getting your participants involved and engaged.
Keys to getting others to collaborate in the meeting.
How to lead a meeting.
Following the 7 important meeting steps.
Tools for collectively generating ideas and making good decisions.
How to ensure you have better and better meetings.
setting up the meeting room for optimal performance.
How to record the output of meetings.
Staying in control of the meeting.
How to evaluate meetings for continuous improvement.
Ensuring follow-up.

Other topics include...

Tips and tools for remote meetings
Problem solving and creativity


This 8 hour workshop is highly interactive and productive. It is actually run like a meeting. The participants collectively create a model of an ideal meeting. They will experience all the critical meeting tasks including planning, framing, warming, focusing, "follow-throughing", and evaluating meetings. Each person will practice leading meetings by conducting a mini-meeting using many of the simple interactive tools we teach them.

Our two-day version is more extensive than the 8 hour version. It provides more time for practice and the topics are covered in greater depth and detail. If your focus is on meeting facilitation and engaging your meeting attendees we recommend our two-day version.

Tailored to your needs

This workshop may be tailored to fit your particular needs.

Workshop workbookLeading Effective and Engaging Meetings Workbook and Coaching

This book is an excellent guide and resource that provides detailed descriptions and "recipes" of meeting concepts and tools/techniques. You will learn how to make your meetings more productive and engaging through:

Concepts: All of the basic concepts for running effective meetings. It includes:keys to effective meetings, the meeting process, room-set-up, meeting roles, dealing with difficult situations, problem solving process, facilitating, 14 keys to collaborative teams, and more.

Tools: Tools for running meetings. Includes templates for agendas and action planning, warm ups, idea generation processes, decision making processes, and ways to evaluate the meeting.

Recording: principles for recording ideas and meeting content.

Optional collaborative focus

For this option, participants will learn ways to ensure greater collaboration and participation from their meeting attendees. The focus will be on how to build greater meeting involvement through sharing information, group decision making and idea generation.

How our training differs

There are many ways that we take pride in our training program. Here are just a few:

We focus on the importance of becoming very clear about the expected outcomes for each agenda item. Most programs only focus of the purpose of the meeting itself.

We stress the need to be explicit when the group is making decisions, generating ideas or sharing information, and to do only one at a time. Meetings become extremely unproductive when attendees make decisions, generating ideas and share information at the same time. Most training programs do not make this distinction.

We are experts at teaching our meeting leaders how to engage their attendees so they feel involved. We provide simple tools for helping leaders get others to make collective decisions, generate loads of ideas and share information effectively. No other training program does this.

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