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Executive Summary: Overview
Meeting Facilitators, Trainers and Team Builders

Want to make your meetings & retreats more productive and engaging?

Do you need your important meetings to be more engaging, interactive and productive?  Does it take too much time and effort to create the agenda that fits everyone's needs? Are you making some key decisions that you want your employees to be part of? Do you want more buy-in from staff?  Are you looking to make sure that everyone is on the same page?   Do you wonder how to get your team more unified?

You can have an extremely engaging, interactive and collaborative meeting

Meetings should be easy, fun and involving.  You too should have an easy time at the meetings.  You don’t have to work hard to create a successful meeting.  Imagine all of your meeting participants contributing with lots of positive energy while feeling happy and productive with little effort on your part.  Everyone speaks freely and collaborative decisions are reached. Sound Impossible?  It’s Not. You can accomplish this.

If it is so easy, why haven’t you done it?

Successful, effortless meetings start with understanding how to get participants to contribute. Leaders often think that meetings are simple to facilitate, yet participants often feel that the meetings they go to are unproductive and a waste of time.  Industry Week estimated that poorly-led meetings cost American businesses over 37 billion dollars annually.

You can have what it takes to conduct a successful meeting

The key to an extremely successful meeting is having an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled meeting facilitator who ensures that all participants are contributing while fulfilling the goals of the meeting. Meetings require using effective collaborative tools and meeting formats to access the information, wisdom and ideas of the group. You can achieve superior meeting results with the right know-how and the right meeting facilitator.

Honig IdeaGuides are expert meeting facilitators

Since 1980 we have been making meetings creative, collaborative, engaging and productive through meeting facilitation, team building and training.  As Executive Director, Bruce Honig, of Honig IdeaGuides has helped hundreds of business and non-profit leaders hold successful meetings that fulfill objectives with great buy-in from participants. 

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