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Problem Solving for Customer Service

Finding Solutions for Your Customer's Problem: Trouble Shooting Made Easy

On-site Training

This powerful 8 hour workshop will give your employees the tools to give your customers what they are looking for: A solution to their problem. This is more than just the foundation on providing good customer service. It provides your staff with the way to determine what your customer wants and solve their problem. Your employee will learn how to define the customer's problem so they can solve it without going back and forth.


Know how to diagnose a customer's problem accurately
Know why providing good customer service is critical
Know that providing good customer service means solving the customers' problem
Build a model describing excellent and awful customer service
Determine general customers' standards for providing customer service excellence
Establish specific behaviors that will assure increased customer satisfaction
Follow the 4 easy-steps to solving the customer's problem
Improve ones ability to solve your customer's problem

Use positive words, tone and body language with customers
Learn how to determine what your customer wants


We cover...

Responding promptly and properly
Listen actively to customer needs
Recognize and eliminate barriers to satisfying your customers
Solving the customer's problem
The impact that great customer service has on the customer as well as themselves

Training Approach: Creating Buy-in

This training provides both the awareness and the clarity that customer service agents need to give excellent customer service. They will develop a greater awareness of customer service by building their own Customer Service for Excellence Model based on their experience of good and bad customer service. They then gain clarity of what to do in their jobs by creating specific strategies, procedures and "next steps" based on the created Customer Service for Excellence Model. They will be able to solve their customer's problem easily using a simple process. The result will be that your customers feel that they are "well taken care of" and their problem will be solved.

We find that this training approach is far more effective than most customer service training programs. We believe that the way to ensure your "customer service agents" provide great customer service is to go beyond technique and the "suppose tos". Our focus is on getting "buy-in" from the workshop participants and getting their 100% agreement as to what things they can do to create excellent customer service experiences for their customers.

Interactive Format

This workshop is fast-paced, highly interactive, participatory, and productive. It includes discussions, games and quizzes, demonstration and practice, lecturettes, story telling, role plays, and problem solving. Participants will be working individually, in small and large groups.

Typical Outline

    Introduce & Set Expectations
    Warm-up: What does Customer Service Got To Do With It?
    Set Workshop Agreements
    Establish Why Customer Service is Important Critical
    Learn Key Principles of Customer Service: Customer Service Trivia Quiz
    Establish Key Principles of Fantastic Customer Service: Build Customer Service Model
    Define and Establish your Customers' Standards for Excellence
    The 4-Step Process to Solving Your Customers Problem
    Focusing on the Customers' Problem
    Determining Solutions
    Selecting the "Right" Solution
    Finding Support To Serve Your Customer
    Words Ain't Nothing...Compare to Tone and Body Language
    Making Commitments for Serving Your Customer with Excellence

Focus on Results

Participants will also be asked to commit to use one or more new skill/tool by completing our "Commitment Form."

Custom Workbook

At the end of this workshop attendees will create a model of what good and bad customer service is. They themselves will have established principles for providing excellent customer service. Though each group typically comes up with fairly common responses, the wording and perspective is unique to each group. In order to ensure greater buy-in the workbook is handed out after the session and includes their ideas and decisions about establishing excellent customer service. Additionally this workbook includes the 4-step problem oslving process and the tools they use to apply it.

Easy to Arrange

Its easy to arrange. Pick a time and place and we will send an expert trainer out to you. Just fill out the information/booking form (on the left) and we'll do the rest.



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"I learned more about customer service in this workshop then I have known from years of doing customers service."

"Good pace, personable, good sense of humor, well organized, useful and informative, handles "challenging" personalities very well."

"I like how we heard others' customer service ideals and came together on developing a collective policy."

I loved that we got to know fellow sales people, established ideas and set commitment, and determined how to strive forward with new ideas and approaches to provide great service."

"Clear and Effective."

"Thanks so much! You were terrific."

Customer Service Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting

Step #1 Focus on what the customer wants and define their problem.

Step #2 Establish Solutions

Step #3 Decide on best solution with your customer

Step #4 Act on the solution and determine next steps