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Work together to develop a communication policy and get everyone's buy-in

Achieve consensus for establishing essential communication standards

Develop communication systems enabling effective communication

Create a plan towards continual improvement for communication

Create a plan towards continual improvement for increased effective communication

Create a communication policy that will stick

Who We Are

For over 27 years we have been leaders in facilitating highly effective and engaging strategic planning meetings. We know how to make your meetings productive.

All of our clients leave our meetings with a renewed respect for meetings. They learn how to access the power of collective decision making and idea generation.

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Develop Communication Policy for your Team or Organization

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Create Standards and Policies for
Excellent Communication

Access the team's wisdom to bring
your organization to the next level in communicating

To Establish a Customer Service Policy your team might collectively...

Analyze communication strengths and weaknesses

Develop a vision of outstanding communication

Set specific standards for communication

Create a plan for continual improvement and problem solving


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