A training workshop
for productive team collaboration...
How Long?
1 - 3 days
Who Attends?
All team members
Benefits Outcomes

Your organization will benefit immediately from this workshop...

Unify a team and direct its problem solving efforts.
Greater participation of all group members
Improved team problem-solving and decision making
Increased commitment to action
More effective leadership
Improved integration of new team members
Greater personal satisfaction
Improved quantity and quality of ideas and solutions
More efficient meetings and focused discussions
Accelerate team's natural creativity

Teams That Work
Through learning easy step-by-step processes, your team members will be able to collaboratively and productively:

Solve problems
Make decisions
Focus strategically on critical issues and projects
Facilitate creative problem-solving sessions
Use problem-solving tools

Based on over 30 years of research, this program provides teams with the tools to reduce team start-up problems and to ensure the successful and timely completion of any project.

Project Teams that Work™ is divided in to 5 sections:

Meeting Management..Manage your meeting and accomplish your project goals

...Define, prioritize, focus and analyze projects and problems

Generating...Generating creative and useful ideas, approaches and solutions

Making...Making the best possible decision

Implementing...Manage your project and ensure that your solutions are implemented

 Training Materials

All participants receive a 70+ page workbook that includes "recipes" for on-the-job use of the tools and processes of the workshop.

Training Format

The training is mixed with short lecturettes, role-playing and practice. Practice is based on real projects.

For requesting information regarding Project Teams That Work
please call 415-479-2028 or click on "request for proposal"
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